Ricobene’s on 26th



Italian Food

Ricobenes outside

252 West 26th Street

Chicago, IL  60616

(312) 225-5555
Ricobene’s is located at 252 w. 26th St in the south side of Chicago near Chinatown, but has been serving up Italian food for 67 years.  Since 1946, Ricobene’s has been a South Chicago neighborhood eatery with Italian beef, deep dish or thin crust pizza, and their famous breaded steak sandwiches, smothered in cheese. In fact, Frank P Ricobene co-owned Ricobene’s eateries by helping create their breaded steak sandwiches.  Chicago Magazine even named Ricobene’s breaded steak as number 12 on their list of Chicago’s BEST sandwhiches!   Though the sandwiches sounded deliciously tempting, I chose three slices of pizza (with three different flavored toppings), an order of fries and a soda all on a cheap budget of $15 total!
Ricobenes meal
It was very delicious because they have a variety of pizza flavors, and next time I want to try their sandwiches.  If Italian food isn’t part of your appetite, Ricobene’s also has traditional hot dogs and hamburgers.
The customer service was very good while I ate at Ricobene’s.  All the workers were friendly and helpful even though they were very busy.  Expect a louder, busier atmosphere when you walk into Ricobene’s, because they always have a hungry crowd.  If you don’t feel like waiting, Ricobene’s offers online ordering at both the W 26th location, and the S. Pulaski one.
Ricobenes suntimes
The inside of Ricobene’s is decorated with vintage paintings on the wall from how the restaurant looked previously. Frank P. Ricobene’s obituary is even posted as a painting on the wall from the Chicago Sun Times in which describes his accomplishments.  As you sit and eat you can take in the rich Chicago history from a restaurant that has been serving happy customers since the end of World War II.
Contributed by Cindy Acosta

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