Jim’s on Union

Jim’s Orginial


Hot Dog Stand

Jim's Outside1250 Union Ave.

Chicago, IL 60607

(312) 733-7830

Craving a good polish sausage or hamburger but everything seems to be closed? There’s only one perfect spot to fit your needs, Jim’s Orginial hot dog stand on Union Ave. Jim’s is open 24 hours a day and has exceptionally great service, especially for the incredible business they recieve, still after 74 years. Just walk up to the window and order one of their many declious options. They prepare your meal right in front of you, asking “Onions? Mustard?” anything you want. There are no sit down options at Jim’s, just take it and go! The best part about Jim’s is you get a side of fries with your sandwich  for free! Also, if you are a UIC student, just show  your student ID, and you’ll recieve a free can of pop as well! Your meal is guarnteed to be no less the $5!

Polish Jim's

According to thier website, Jim’s, “The Orginial Polish Sausage Stand from Maxwell Street”, was founded in 1939 by Jimmy Stefanovic. In 1939 Stefaonovic took over his ailing aunt’s hot dog stand, and in 1941 offically bought in from her. In 1943 Jim came up with the now famous “Polish Sausauge”, what the stand is now nationally known for. In 2005 Jim’s moved from it’s orginial locaton on northwest corner of Maxwell and Halstread Street, to it’s present location on Union Ave and Rochford Street.

Jim’s has been a Chicago treasure for more than 70 years and  a great place for people to grab amazing food! It’s also become famous around the UIC campus, being so close to the south campus dorms. When you eat at Jim’s you’ll getting food from a family business at a great price! What a deal!

Contributed By: Sydney Donahue


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