Al’s Italian Beef on Taylor

Al’s Beef

 Italian Food

Alsbeef outside

Looking for a great Italian Beef sandwich, but not sure where to look? The famous Taylor Street in Little Italy should be your first stop, and while you’re there, you can’t resist to try Al’s Beef! This famous restaurant got it’s start in  1938 and it’s known all around the world for having the best Italian beef. As you walk up to this famous location and brightly lit sign, you’ll know you made the right decision.  Their menu has so much to offer, and so many locations to eat at!


As you make your way into Al’s you’ll be astonished by it’s layout. Displayed through the restaruant are many prestigous awards they have won through the years, like being listed as “One of the Best Sandwiches in America” by Esquire Magazine in 2008. Also displayed are the many autographed pictures from famous people who have visited Al’s, enough to be displayed from the top of the walls, to the very bottom! Goes to show everyone loves them!


As for the seating in Al’s there are no tables, but metal countertops line the windows to give you a place to stand, enjoy your food, and get a great look out onto the famous Taylor Street. In edition to eating at their locations Al’s offers catering for events and parties, as well as the option to order their beef by the pound! Al’s is great for any college student, because it is so budget friendly, but make sure you bring cash, they don’t except credit cards!  Through all the demographic changes surrounding it, Al’s as survived through it all! Their clientele includes people from all different socioecomic standings. This great taste and price attracts all  food lovers. You can’t go wrong with Al’s Italian Beef!

Contributed By: Colleen Finlon


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