Miller’s Pub

Miller’s Pub

Traditional American, Steakhouse, Pub


134 S. Wabash Ave

Chicago, IL 60603

(312) 645-5377

Miller’s Pub was established in 1935 by four Greek brothers: Vannie, Pete, Nick, and Jimmy Gallios. They purchased the bar in 1950 from the Miller’s brothers but the Gallios brothers did not have 500 dollars to change the sign so the name Miller’s stayed. Soon the pub became imprinted with their work ethic and personalities and turned into a piece of Chicago history. The brothers had to change their original location after the 1989 Chicago Fire, and their business is still flourishing at the 134 S. Wabash address. Vannie currently run’s the business.


Many famous people such as Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Dick the Bruiser, Mayor Daley, Bill Veeck, Garry Caray, Jimmy Durante, Bob Fosse all spent time at this local pub. The celebrities were only a small part of the clientele, the brothers wanted the people that came in more than once to be recognized and made them feel special by not only the brothers but the servers as well, so they all became seen as loyal.

Veeck and  Allenphoto11photo00

Today, the Gallios make their famous B.B.Q Canadian Baby Back Ribs and have thousands of customers come in for a drink and to enjoy an extensive menu with fare prices in a cozy atmosphere. As a Wall Street Journal writer said in an article from December 5, 2003, “At the bar the atmosphere is a bit like an episode from Cheer’s. Everybody but me knew the bartender’s name and that he was about to go on vacation…. Miller’s is my idea of unself-conscious perfection.”


(Famous B.B.Q. Ribs)


(Known for the “Best in Town” Calamari)

When walking down the street, from the outside Miller’s Pub looks like an old-fashioned tavern with multiple signs that read “Famous BBQ Ribs” and a giant green sign that says “Miller’s Pub” with the specials listed below. When you step through the door, you are hit with an atmosphere of laughter and hustle throughout the pub during the day or night. There are 270 seats and a 50-foot bar. You’ll most likely be put on a little bit of a wait, but it’s worth your while. But they do accept reservations if you’re not feeling patient. Once you get seated, you’ll look at the menu and see how college budget friendly it is. You can get their famous ribs for $15.50. The lunch specials run about $8 and the dinner at about $22. Trust me, this place is worth a visit and I’m sure you’ll be back for more!

Contributed by Maggie Coffey


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