Pompei’s on Taylor



Italian Food


For over 100 years Pompei has been serving amazing food in Little Italy. Thier name comes from their close distance from OUr Lady of Pompei Church. This famous restaurant was established in 1909 by a married couple, and was originally a bakery that only served cheese pizza and bread. They originally started off on Loomis street, but later moved to thier current location on the corner of Ashland and Taylor Street.  Since then, their menu was been greatly expanded, offering appetizers such as garlic bread and calamari, soups, salads, pastas, and pizza, all of many varieties. They even serve desserts such as cannolis, tiramisu, gelato, and brownies. The drinks offered also vary from fountain drinks, bottled drinks, beer and wine, just to name a few.


Thier pizza is made from two different types of flour and  varies from cheese to vegetables and meat toppings. You can get anything from a simple cheese pizza to a stuffed broccoli and ricotta slice. When you walk into Pompei’s there are many tables to choose to sit, and the walls are decorated with the restaurant’s history. Everything from family portraits to other pictures are scattered around the wall to give you a sense of tradtion and family thats valued there. Also, when you place an  order you have to make your way up to the counter where the pizza is also prepared. Once you found exactly what you want to eat, a number is given to you to place on your table. With this number, a server will bring your food straight to that table. Pompeii is well-known throughout the city and has been awarded multiple awards for its delicious traditional Italian food and desserts. With the atmosphere being very  family-oriented, the price of the food, and the amount you recieve, you’ll be sure to leave this famous business very satisfied and ready to come again soon!


Contributed by Colleen Finlon


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