Lou Mitchell’s

Lou Mitchell’s


Breakfast & Brunch, Diner, Bakery

06-07-06-042 LouMitchell_s

565 W Jackson (the start of Route 66)

Chicago, IL 60611

(312) 939-3111

Uncle Lou’s father started the family business in 1923, and then entered his son, Lou Mitchell. “Uncle” Lou Mitchell’s friendliness, hospitality and attention to quality and excellence soon had customers waiting in line to have some of his delicious food. When you go to Lou Mitchell’s you will be handed donut holes and for women and children you get a box of milk duds; this all started in 1958 and had customers thrilled.


Today Lou Mitchell’s is not only a restaurant known by Chicagoans, it is known nationally and even internationally with endless praise from USA Today, American Way, newspapers, magazines, food critics, television claiming “It’s a must see place.”

Located at the beginning of Route 66, Lou Mitchell’s has had a variety of special guests. Everyone from U.S. Presidents, Mayors, Governors, Senators, Representatives, athletes, coaches, authors, judges, lawyers, clergy, and stars of the stage and screen. Jackson Boulevard was the starting point for the original Route 66, which means you can drive into Chicago from the Kennedy Expressway, Illinois Interstate 90/94. Exit Jackson east and look for Lou Mitchell’s on your right located near the intersection of Jackson and Jefferson. Route 66 was created in 1926, and as the signs went up on Jackson Boulevard travelers found Lou Mitchell’s waiting for them ready to serve them with comfort food.


Entering their 86th year, it’s still a family affair continuing the traditions of Lou Mitchell’s by Mitchell’s niece Heelen Thanas. Thanas was a guest judge on Top Chef Season 4. The Menu is made up of delicious breakfast and lunch options. “As you enter Lou Mitchell’s, you’re handed doughnut holes—and Milk Duds to the ladies—by friendly staffers. In the open kitchen, a small array of cooks work with vats of butter and freshly cracked eggs. This is a benchmark breakfast restaurant; the kind of place you pray you’ll find as you drive through small-town America. Lou Mitchell’s preaches old-time restaurant religion, starting with the just-squeezed orange and grapefruit juices, and homemade orange marmalade. The tender pancakes and crisp malted Belgian waffles are flawless. …” —American Way Magazine. This historic restaurant (which is clearly a must see when ones in Chicago) is very college budget friendly. You’ll leave with a full stomach as well as a full wallet!


Menu, Specials, Kids Menu

Contributed by Maggie Coffey


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