Rosati’s on Halsted

Rosati’s Pizza

Italian Restaurant


Although a good piece of pizza is an easy find here in Chicago, going to Rosati’s Pizza a customer gets more than just good food. At  Rosati’s, each restaurant is filled with history of how this massive franchise came to be. Frank Rosati started an Italian restaurant in New York, then in 1890 made his way to Chicago. In 1927, Frank’s son Sam Rosati picked up from his father and opend his own Italian restaurant in downtown Chicago. Through the family lineage, when Sam retired, his sons decided to keep the tradition going. In 1964 these sons made what is now known as Rosati’s Pizza in a suburb in Chicago. Through this they have franchised their restaurants to Arkansas, Arizona, North Carolina, Nevada, Texas,Wisconsin, and Illinois (in which they have the most restaurants.)



Rosati’s has an extensive menu, but their pizza is still their speciality. The recipe of their pizza has been pasted down from Frank Rosati’s restaurant. It’s pure Italian tradition with each bite you take. They serve their pizza on four different crusts, traditional thin crust, Rosati’s own double dough, Chicago deep dish, and authenic stuffed. Their cheese, dough, and sauce also all come from traditional recipes that have been pasted on for generations. In each pizza they make, they share a family history with their customer. Even their seasoned Italian sausage is a Rosati’s tradition, which is also a topping used on these pizzas! The single slice for pizza can be added with a can of pop all under $4!


Although this is not the orginial Rosati’s, it can be shown how important the history of this family is to the restaurant. With five generations passing down recipes and experience, they have perfected and shared such rich tradition with so many. Sam Rosati had a quote, ” Give the People What They Want”, and that’s exactly what his sons have been doing with all of their restaurants for over forty years.

Contributed by: Sydney Donahue


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